I have covered a range of issues, from movements against state-sponsored eviction of favela communities in Rio de Janeiro to municipal responses to sea level rise in Rhode Island. Check out some of my best work below — and see other examples of my news and feature writing, interviews, and commentary at the bottom of this page.

A banking mystery: Amid suspicious circumstances, a rural bank becomes the first to fail in a year and a half – Investigative Reporting Workshop – 6/19/19

“But the exact cause of the bank’s failure remains a mystery. State and federal regulators are investigating a suspicious fire that destroyed key documents two days before the bank’s officers were set to turn them over to the state for a routine examination of its books.”

A mysterious fire, shady farm loans and a yacht named Expelliarmus — all pieces of my story about the first U.S. bank to fail in 17 months.

CAught in rhode island: An investigation into how court fees and fines trap low-income Rhode Islanders in poverty – The College Hill Independent – 4/19/19

“These numbers paint a picture of a court system hell-bent on trying to ‘squeeze blood from a stone, to wring these costs out of people who simply cannot pay them,’ in the words of Natalia Friedlander, a staff attorney at the Rhode Island Center for Justice.”

I led a four-month investigation into court-related debt in Rhode Island, compiling original data and documenting the failure of a set of judicial reforms meant to alleviate the burden of court costs on indigent defendants.


“Each semester, Granoff creates the invitation-only networking event primarily for some of Brown’s wealthiest and most well-connected students, all with the blessing and support of the university’s Advancement office.”

An exposé of private dinners held each semester for Brown’s elite — and the advantages they accrue as a result. My reporting ended Brown’s policy of allocating university resources to private events run by donors. See also the story’s impact, Brown President Christina Paxson’s response, and my continuing coverage.

Retirees Struggle To Locate Billions In Lost Pensions As Government Looks For Solutions – WGBH News / New England Center for Investigative journalism – 8/6/18

“Imondi was one of many retirees attempting to follow the elusive paper trail to find their ‘lost’ pensions, routinely meeting rejection and leaving behind billions of dollars in unrecovered benefits.”  

My three-month investigation into how poor record-keeping, employer negligence and the lack of a federal pension registry combine to leave seniors without benefits.

How Brown University Students and Dining Workers Got Better Working Conditions—Together – The Nation – 11/14/18

“Yet with no central air-conditioning system in the 67-year-old refectory building, food-service workers dreaded the ‘summers of hell,’ as one Dining Services employee with 14 years on the job called them.

The story of how student activists and Brown Dining Services workers united to end dangerous summer working conditions in university kitchens.

The community’s needs above all: Lessons from the Providence External Review Authority’s struggle for police accountability – MuckRock news – 1/3/19

“The Providence External Review Authority, or PERA, like oversight agencies in cities across the U.S., was born in response to tragedy, carried by the momentum of a movement for racial justice. But PERA came of age under fire.”

Civilian review boards across the country weather fierce opposition from law enforcement. I used public records to document the ongoing struggles for police accountability in Providence. Also see my continuing coverage of local police oversight in the College Hill Independent.

A text-only list of these clips is available here.


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